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This program has been designed for the production management in manual packaging.

Together with the appropiate weight indicator and a platform, they provide a reliable weighing system for this type of packaging (find more information about this system at this link)


  • Product configuration with the following parameters: Product code, Product description, Tolerances + and -, Nominal weight, preCorrect and postCorrect (below or over the proper weight with a flashing traffic light) and Recipient tare (for known value).
  • Start of production batch.
  • Finish of actual production batch.
  • Configuration of workers.
  • Historical records.
  • Data shown on screen:
    • General data:
      • Actual batch, Total hours worked in that batch, Supplier, Overall total of produced kg,
      • Batch starting date, Mean of kg per worker, Batch starting time.
    • For each worker:
      • Name of the worker, Total produced, Performed cycles, Batch total time of production,
      • Total production per scale, Total time of production, etc.
  • The program allows the historical record exportation to an ASCII file (possible to open with EXCEL, for instance).


* All information presented herein is subject to change without notice.


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