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Software for Limits / Alarms / Integration / Totalizer.

integra limits


This is one of the operating programs that work on the multifunction weight indicators DW - # #. Thanks to its high versatility, with this application you will be able to carry out the control of generic weight processes.

When looking for a controller with these features remember how your present expectations may change in the future and how could the considered system be adapted to the new working way.


PDF Catalogue



  • Allow to obtain the peak values: Maximum, Minimum, Peak-Peak.
  • 4 optoisolated digital inputs that you can assign to anyone of the 29 functions available.
  • The PRINT function (19) can print 15 different reports.
  • 4 digital outputs (Relays) that you can assign to anyone of the 15 functions available.
  • Allows to configurate 4 setpoints in 5 different ways of operation, and 3 types of reset.
  • Totalizer function to accumulate operations by: time (time integration), stable weight or external signal.
  • The configuration options are protected with PASSWORD.
  • This indicator can be configurated by the program DW-REMOTE for WINDOWS™.
  • Allows to transmit all the internal variables to a remote computer.
  • Allows the connection in network of up to 99 indicators that can be managed from a central computer.



  • Print of all the variables of the indicator, individually or in block.
  • Print of all the configuration parameters of the indicator.



  • RS232, RS485 or Modem communication with other devices.
  • Print of labels with bar code of the variables.
  • We can adapt the communication protocol to other manufacturers.
  • We can modify the operating under demand.


* All information presented herein is subject to change without notice.