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This application has been designed to work with the DW-### indicators to increase their power in tasks such as additive, substractive or associative filling.

The program allows to manage an unlimited number of products, the historical file of all the cycles performed and it can obtain accumulated weights, error reports, detailed listings, etc.

This program also allows to manage and register all the alarms that could take place during the operation of the equipment, as well as their further listing.


 PDF Catalogue


  • No of scales: maximum 32.
  • No. of products: Unlimited.
  • No. of lots: Unlimited.
  • Automatic adjustment of preact weight.
  • Management options available are:
    • Add, Delete, Edit, Queries,
    • Reports, Find, Sorting, Fix range.


  • Preview of the reports on the screen.
  • Products
  • Batch
  • Working order
  • Listing of cycles performed
  • Listing of final production cycle
  • Listing at batch finishing


  • Integration with our lorry weighing system LORRY PC.
  • Integration with our dosing weighing system DOSIFICA-PC.
  • RSxxx, Modem or ETHERNET communication with other devices.
  • Comunication with other PC.
  • Barcode label printing of the performed cycles by a labelling machine.
  • We can modify the operating on demand.


* All information presented herein is subject to change without notice.